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For nearly 5 years, Echafauds Plus provides services in the region of Quebec. Echafauds Plus with all its experience and strength comes with the most entrepreneurial team!

Do you need access for your jobs or a protection fence? Our technical and customer service representatives will be pleased to support you in any inquiries.

Leasing, sales, installation and PLUS!

148, rue d’Amsterdam, St-Augustin-de-Desmaures QC, G3A 2R1

Tel Telephone: 418 878-3885

Tel Toll free: 855 809-5555

Tel Fax: 418 878-3802

Tel E-mail: qc@echafaudsplus.com

Sales Department
Technical sales representative/Project manager
Daniel Roy
Cell: 581 996-1645
Technical sales representative/Project manager
Jérôme Nadeau
Cell: 418 473-1589
Technical sales representative
Claudia Leclerc
Telephone: 418 878-3885 poste 5203
Cell: 418 446-1165
In-house technical sales representative
Pierre Michaud
Telephone: 418 878-3885 poste 5201
Sales representative
Kathleen Huot
Telephone: 418 878-3885 poste 5211
General Director
Jonathan Burns, Eng.
Sales Director
Dany Julien
Cell : 418-801-7121
Work site manager
François Hinse
Cell: 418 455-3564
Operations supervisor
Éric Picard
Telephone: 418 878-3885 Poste 5205
Cell : 581 996-6041
Training and prevention
Christian Labbé
Cell : 418 802-1272

Member of l'A.Q.I.E. (Association Québécoise de l'industrie de l'échafaudage) www.aqie.com.